Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"I Don't See How It's Any Of Your Business": Sponge Girl, Sungai

Sponge Girl has lashed out against the Pope, causing all manner of hilarity around the world as good Catholics are unsure which one to love more.

The Pope, desperately trying to shake his reputation as being eeeevil, has caused shockwaves around the world by claiming Komodo dragon Sungai has been less than guarded with who she lets fertilise her eggs. The endagered animal has four new hatchlings of uncertain paternity, something which has drawn much criticism from the Catholic church. There is also a concern than the dragon ("a clear reference to the satan", the pontiff pointed out) is in fact the antichrist, copycatting the whole virgin birth-trick made famous in the best-seller The Bible.

Sponge Girl has called the Pope a "wanker doofus", an insult the starlet usually reserves only for Xenunian Tom Cruise. "These antiquated standards of morality have no place in modern society, and I believe Sungai has the right to lay her eggs wherever and whenever she pleases, and if it so happens that she's capable of cloning herself, then all power to her. "

U.S. President George W. Bush has condemned Sungai as a filthy liberal, making a short statement against any cloning whatsoever: "She wha...? Without a doozy-whatsit? Man, that's gross. It's somehow... French".

Sungai has declined to make a comment to the media, although it is rumoured that she may be appearing on Ellen soon.


As if the Pope being rude to Sungai wasn't enough, now God himself is dissing on Kay Richardson. I mean hey, where's the love?


At 07:23, Blogger Mirri said...

Oy, Catholic folk.. Just spent a weekend with them, and sheesh. Nice, wonderful girls, lots of fun.
And then we watched The Island, and come the Token Love Scene, one of the girls got up, blocked the projector till all the heavy breathing passed, and then let the movie continue as normal.


At 14:45, Blogger BillyBobJimJack said...

In my recent conversations with the Pope, he expressed no ill effection toward Sungai, but did feel that her copycat fertilization did discredit The Virgin Mary. He did go on to comment that the dragon was indeed as Bush put it, "a liberal", then he accused fifteen innocent people of witchcraft and had them fed to the lizard. He then invited me in to the Vatacan's lower dungeons for some peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate pudding. Just thought I would clear this up.



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