Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sponge Girl: New Thinker On The Block

The delightfully clever Sponge Girl has broken her long silence on the role of the "public intellectual", so popular in France but less respected elsewhere in the world.

"I think the problem with that institution has been that a lot of the opinions, philosophies and theories voiced by intellectuals have been out of touch with the views of the public for a long time - obviously I'm not saying it's a good thing, knowledge levels aren't what they used to be and that's not the intellectuals' fault - but I finally have a feeling that the good old days, when theories were relevant to the everyman, may well be returning," she said.

Sponge Girl is referring to newly discovered philosopher, Tiger Wren, who seems poised to lead a new generation into the exciting world of critical thinking and the occasional burst of nihilism.

"His ability to reduce complex ideas - love, death and so on - to their most basic elements, namely noodles, means he is able to speak to the people, without artifice, without pretense. I truly believe that his example will see many more young people taking interest in the world around them. This brave young man has in only a few words done more than Foucault ever could: he has made people care," elaborated Sponge Girl.

Tiger Wren was not available for comment, but his mother was heard to say "What's this I hear about chocolate bicuits?".


At 23:36, Blogger Ballpoint Wren said...


Sponge Girl, we are not worthy.

Please pass over one of those chocolate biscuits, will ya?

At 01:48, Blogger Mirri said...

Sain kaikkea jännää Lenore sälää!! =)=)
Kiits kovin =)=)!

Ja se koru on kans kovin nätti, ja isi muisti kertoa että sen piti jotain siitä kertoa,muttei muista että mitä. Mutta kuitenki =).

Täältä tähän tällä erää,

and it did leave a huge crater.


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